SYC in the Winner's Circle

Despite a wet and stormy St. Patrick's Day evening, an enthusiastic SYC group met for the wearing of the green and a night of harness racing at the Fraser Downs race track.

Following the buffet dinner it was time to be entertained by the racing and betting techniques. We watched from our section in the Homestretch as the drivers and horses dashed to the finish line.

Some placed bets based on a driver’s win history, some on the driver’s colors, some on the horse’s name (yours truly) and some claimed to have a “system”! A few wise ones watched and laughed....

However, the luck of St. Patrick was apparently shining on a few who were fortunate to claim winnings high enough to nearly break even!

The seventh race was dedicated to Semiahmoo Yacht Club. You can see from the big smiles on the select few who had their picture taken in the Winner’s Circle following the SYC dedicated race that it was a fun evening. Or maybe the smiles are a result of their wagers and winnings?