Rosie is Ready to Rally!

Clean and shiny classic cars, antiques, hotrods, SUVs and sedans came out to participate in the SYC Nauti Friday Car Rally on a beautiful Friday evening. Some cars were loud, some were quiet, regardless, the drivers and navigators had a blast. Fifteen teams competed in the fun event, and almost all completed the course! Even those who live in and around Blaine saw places they never knew existed. And how many red barns are there on the route, really?

Several other SYC members joined us for a tasty meal and beverages at the Pizza Factory for the finish. The Pizza Factory was where the answers to the riddles, clues and counting skills were revealed. Oddly, the answers by the different teams sometimes varied greatly. Checkpoint photos taken by the teams were often quite amusing.

First prize went to Joe, with Bill and Beth in Joe’s 1965 Plymouth Belvedere. Bill and Beth deserve special mention; they were walking innocently by the Blaine Marina Gate 1 Parking Lot when they were asked to join Joe as navigators. What great sports!

John and Lorine in their 1985 Mercedes and Jeff and Lynette in their 1967 Chevy Chevelle tied for second place, And in last place, but in no way least, was the team of Beoma and Al with and Karen and Ed in “Rosie”, a 1965 Mustang convertible. It seems attention to detail was not team Rosie’s strong point!

Another Nauti-Friday of adventure and laughter. Thanks to all who participated in making this another fun evening.